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Rescue work

Every person is unique as are their lives as are their problems.

Liz and Nathan are constantly being presented with unique and sometimes extremely complex spiritual issues. Very often the patient comes to us and says "I know something isn't right , but i'm just not sure what it is". By working together and embracing modern and classic spiritual philosophies they have adopted and developed a variety of approaches that have the potential to really help a person move on in life and give peace of mind and oneness back to the individual.

Our combined therapies are very strong and effective ways of dealing with deep rooted physical, spiritual and mental problems (this includes addiction but with varying levels of success. Addictions are very personal and vary greatly, they generally have physical and mental elements to them. Some clients have turned addiction around instantly while others are still fighting it. We are both passionate about helping people with addictions and guarantee to try our best for them). Since working together we have stopped symptoms that clients have endured for 20 years and more and given peace to patients that have suffered most of their lives.
These methods demand a level of trust and effort on the clients part , no two cases are the same but the method used will follow similar patterns. It is not dissimilar to regression: there is no hypnosis involved and the client remains in control during the entire session ! It can also be compared to guided meditation but adding Liz as a medium working alongside your guides and Nathan as a healer and energy worker this is a powerful and emotional experience that yields exceptional results.

This experience will also benefit and fascinate anybody that enjoys the spiritual. It can be enjoyed in a developmental capacity but we do warn that it can have far reaching and sometimes life changing results.... it will certainly open your eyes if nothing else!

Expect the session with Nathan and Liz to last 2-3 hours but sessions have been known to overrun so flexibility is necessary.
The charge for this is £90.

Please also note that in most cases the client benefits from healing and mediumship/spiritual guidance in the following weeks such is the strength of this work. These sessions are not obligatory but the benefits are huge,and  will be charged at a reduced rate of £25.

To book or for more details please contact either Liz or Nathan.
Liz :- 07934180859
Nathan :- 07879688464

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