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For Lightworkers

Recent years have seen many more lightworkers awaken to their roles, as they travel their individual paths many are finding their way to us due to energetic parasites, emotional blockages and ancestral baggage.
This is an incredibly broad subject and it covers

Ancestral timelines
Soul retrieval
Spirit releasment
Original wound
Archonic and demonic attachments

When we complete our new site we hope to include a resource for fellow light workers, but if you would like more information or need our help please get in touch and let us know exactly what you are going through.
We do offer advice to everyone freely and will help where we can, but if you are under attack or suffering a block we will recommend a face to face (skype is fine) session with both Liz and Nathan together as we hold sacred space better this way and are achieving great results, a typical session lasts 2 hours (please be flexible they often overrun) the cost of a session is £90.
Concessions are available please do not hesitate to ask if you need help.

To book a session or for more info please contact Liz or Nathan.
Nathan:- 07879688464
Liz:- 07934180859

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